Turbocharge Your Growth by Targeting Business Owners

There are over 30 million small business owners in the US, making up 99.9% of all businesses,[1]which provides a very large and attractive segment of the population for financial advisors to target. And because their business typically makes up the majority of their assets and wealth, these cli...Read More

How has the Pandemic impacted your client’s business value?” The 5 key questions to ask…

The recent pandemic most likely has had a big impact on small businesses, influencing their business value – all of which will increase their demand to better understand where they stand and what their business is worth.  Steve Mize, ASA March 9, 2021 Business owner clients most li...Read More

The faster, more accessible & less expensive way to value privately-held businesses

Financial advisors have a tremendous opportunity to kick-start conversations with business owner clients around business value. However, utilizing formal business valuations is often overlooked because the process can be expensive, lengthy and complex process.  Steve Mize, ASA February ...Read More

How Business Valuation is Opening Doors for Financial Advisors

Steve Mize, October 16, 2020 Investment management is becoming commoditized with technology, digital players, and discounters pushing investment costs to zero. To stay relevant and also to stay competitive, Financial Advisors need to enhance their arsenal of services to justify charging fees to...Read More