A Lot For A Little Just $150/Month

Step 1:
Our Proprietary Business Valuation Tool

It’s proprietary, punctual and allows advisors to be more proficient – creating accurate 15 page Valuation reports in under 20 minutes. Added bonus – it’s a far more cost – effective solution for your clients than going with an outside Valuation firm.

Step 2:
The FinVal Support System

How many business owners do you think you can handle? Keep that number in mind as a goal, because our team will help you achieve it. Seriously – we’ve got the tools, talent and strategy to provide serious support.

Step 3:
The FinVal Promise

Communication is key. So we vow to jumpstart client conversations-the kind of conversations that lead to you helping business owners discover what their business is truly worth – so you can educate them on the services they need.

Step 4:
Offer a Formal Valuation

Formal valuation referrals are a great source of generating fee income.

Step 5:
Value Creates Opportunity

By knowing your client’s worth, you’re not just knocking on opportunity’s door, you’re kicking it wide open with the prospect of increasing its value. Two words: “Exit Planning.”

Step 6:
Why Business Owners Are The Best Clients

They open up the flood gates of long-term product placement. They also happen to be the best source of referrals – so what’s not to love?

**Discounts for multiple users or payment of year in full, please inquire.

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