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Offices of Certified Public Accountants

CPA practices are virtually 100% goodwill (little to no tangible assets) and with the exception of highly skilled labor, overhead is also very limited, which produces higher cash flow margins…. [...]

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Convenience Stores (C-Stores)

Convenience stores have steadily increased product offerings to include… [...]

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Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors

As long as we have indoor plumbing and the need to heat and cool our homes and commercial properties, the Plumbing & HVAC industry will stand the test of time… [...]

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Home Healthcare Services

Some franchises are increasing royalty / marketing fees to new owners. This is a negative cash flow adjustment… [...]

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General Automotive Repair

Because travel is a daily need, the automotive repair industry shows consistent performance during both good and bad economic conditions. Good economies are obviously better for the higher dollar repair items, so the only downside to this industry is that those same higher dollar repairs are usually delayed in a bad economy until it’s absolutely necessary. [...]

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Child Day Care Services

Child Day Care Services is attractive to SBA lending because of its operational and financial consistency. Roughly 25% of the transaction data includes franchises such as: Goddard, Primrose, Kids R Kids, and Kiddie Academy. [...]

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Coin-Operated Laundries and Drycleaners

This is a 100% cash operated business, andbecause of that, unreported cash on tax returnsand financial statements is not uncommon.Unreported cash however cannot be included inthe value conclusion. [...]

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Veterinary Practices / Services

Steadily growing demand for Veterinary services The market has also seen increases in Veterinary Specialties. The specialty sector offers an expanded list of services that are onsite. These include: Oncology and Neurologic Services, Emergency Services, Large Animal Facilities (requires real estate), Grooming and Boarding [...]

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Pharmacies & Drug Stores

To adequately compete in the market, independent pharmacies join buying groups to level the competitive landscape with the big box chains. Taking advantage of those group benefits help Pharmacies keep COGS at or near the industry average of 68% of revenue [...]

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Landscaping Services

Demand for Landscaping/Lawn Maintenance services has increased in recent years driving price to earnings multiples higher. With more construction in the commercial and residential markets, landscaping/lawn companies are getting smart by teaming up with development builders to provide services for whole developments prior to build-outs. [...]

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Insurance Agencies

Nearly 100% of the agency being acquired is goodwill (book of business) Typically, agencies are acquired by other insurance agents. This allows for synergistic income statement adjustments to be considered [...]

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Fitness Centers

In 2005, Fitness Centers were extremely marketable when traditional gyms were still prevalent in the market. Long are the days of strong market multiples when 3.25 x SDE and 1.15 x Revenue were common in this industry. Fast forward 15 years; the fitness center market is saturated while customer demand has shifted to workout sessions/classes of 60 minutes or less. This has changed the industry’s business model. Now, competition is strong and P/E multiples have fallen. [...]

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What makes FedEx Routes valuable? Find out.

Determine the industry sector first: Pick-up and Delivery (P&D) vs Line Haul are valued differently Evaluating the useful life of the trucks dictates the proper CAPEX requirement which will impact value [...]

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eCommerce Valuation Metrics That Drive Worth

E-commerce businesses are becoming a very attractive SBA 7(a) transaction candidate. Time and convenience are in demand and E-commerce fills that gap nicely and demand is growing. This industry should not be confused with other internet related firms such as SEO, SaaS, etc [...]

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Dental Practices

Practice or Specialties include: General Dentistry, Periodontal, Endodontist, Oral Maxillofacial, Pediatric, and Orthodontist [...]

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Construction Contractors

When valuing a contracting firm, analyzing the current projects in progress, along with the terms and length of contract should be emphasized. Understand that each contractor recognizes project revenue differently. The most common being percentage of completion where revenue and expenses are recognized in the financials based on a percentage of job completion [...]

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Allstate Insurance Agency

As with most businesses, one of the major advantages to owning a recognized national brand, is of course, the brand recognition itself. For this reason, the brand increases the marketability of the subject company to potential buyers. That makes an Allstate Insurance Agency a great investment. Why you need a valuation for your Allstate Insurance [...]

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Supercuts Franchises

Regis is the parent company that owns Supercuts. Regis also owns Cost Cutters, First Choice Haircutters, and Roosters Men’s Grooming Center. The average unit generates $500K Annual Revenue. Regis has been selling a large portion of their company owned stores (Supercuts and Cost Cutters primarily) in 5-10 unit blocks [...]

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Commercial Printing & Commercial Screen Printing

Companies are moving much of their printed materials toonline or digital copies in an effort to lower costs, providequicker distribution, and for environmental factors... [...]

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Liquor Store Valuation Insights That Drive Value

Beer, Wine, & Liquor Stores are very attractive SBA 7(a) transaction candidates. Despite lower Cash Flow margins at 13% of revenue, P/SDE multiples are very strong for this industry... [...]

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