How To Navigate The Business Valuation Process Successfully

The prospect of getting a valuation for your business can be a daunting one, especially if the process is new to you and your organization. There’s usually a lot on the line—and while you know what makes your business tick, you may have valid concerns about how well a third party can capture your story and present it to others for fair and reasonable consideration.

The purpose of this guide is to remove opacity from the valuation process. Valuation should not be a black box that involves mysterious weightings and factors, and outcomes that you are unable to trace back to performance and other fundamentals you understand so well. Rather, your valuation should provide welcome and objective illumination about your business as a whole.

Done right, your valuation is much more than just a report that serves the needs of a lender or other entity requesting it as part of their due diligence. It can be a critical tool to support your plans for growth or future business transition.