Valuation Professionals You Can Count On

At GCF, our team of valuation professionals is the leading provider of SBA-compliant valuations to lenders and business brokers across the nation. Because we have been serving these markets since 1998, nobody understands them better.  On occasion, we also provide expert witness testimony, litigation support, fairness opinions and gifting & estate tax valuations.  And with offices from Florida to Oregon, we serve discerning clients from coast to coast.

We Sweat the Details (So You Can Stop Sweating)

A valuation should never hold up a deal or generate a lawsuit.  That’s why we take the time to do it right.  Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t cut corners and automate the valuation process.  Instead, we put a team of experienced, accredited appraisers, and analysts on every project—valuation professionals who know every corner of the value of a business and can address anomalies and surprises as they arise.  We leave no questions unresolved.

The Most Thorough Appraisals in the Business

Our clients hire us because they need accurate, detailed information.  They demand absolute confidence in their deliverables.  GCF has built a reputation for providing the most thorough valuations in the industry—documentation that will stand up to scrutiny.  That means fewer obstacles and faster, smoother approvals for our lenders and defendable listing prices for our brokers.

You’ll Love Working with Us

Our clients say we are easy to work with, flexible when they need it, and dependable.  That’s probably why our clients are so loyal.  We go to great lengths to be the kind of valuation provider you want—responsive, friendly, and irrepressibly capable.