The Faster, More Accessible & Less Expensive Way to Value Privately-Held Businesses

Financial advisors have a tremendous opportunity to kick-start conversations with business owner clients

Financial advisors have a tremendous opportunity to kick-start conversations with business owner clients around business value. However, utilizing formal business valuations is often overlooked because the process can be expensive, lengthy and complex process. 

Steve Mize, ASA February 9, 2021

As a result, business valuations are infrequently completed, creating gaps and unknowns in the client’s financial plan. What is needed is a faster, more accessible and less expensive way to value privately held businesses so that the clients’ primary asset can be more accurately included for planning conversations and decision making with their financial advisor.

The good news is that there is now available a low-cost, technology solution designed by business valuation experts that can open up opportunities for conversations with these ideal prospects while helping current clients with their planning needs. This new capability can position advisors as a go-to resource to provide valuable information on what is typically a business owner client’s largest asset. 

Why does this matter?

Financial advisors are operating in a significantly different environment from just one year ago, and as a result, they need to be there for clients now more than ever. By inserting themselves into the business valuation process, advisors can develop relationships with these highly desirable prospects and clients via a compelling marketing message, differentiating their firm by providing a value-added service offering that is in high demand during these challenging times.

Where to start?  

Check out FinVal, our new, technology-enabled platform to quickly generate business valuations. This platform has been customized for financial advisors to support client-advisor relationships as an easy way to access valuation services that are intuitive and quick to develop a comprehensive valuation in 15 minutes. 

These reports provide a comprehensive valuation analysis via a 15-page report that has over 100 valuation factors included along with 3 valuations provided based on market, asset, and income methodologies from over 20,000 comparables. In addition, gain access to experts in valuation, M&A, business brokers, SBA lenders, and more to position advisors as the go-to resource for business and exit planning implementation steps.