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How Does Transaction Data Impact the Accuracy of Your Business Valuation?

Of the three approaches to value in a business valuation (Cost, Market, and Income), the Market Approach, which relies on comparable transaction data, can be a powerful source of accuracy, strength, and credibility to the value conclusion. Published transaction data is only as reliable as the sourc...Read More

How Small Businesses Can Determine The Value of Their Business

To small business owners, their businesses are typically the most valuable asset in their portfolio. However, determining or calculating the value can be tedious and costly. But with 26.5 million U.S. businesses out there and more employer businesses shutting down each month, it’s important to un...Read More

5 Key Drivers that Make a Small Business More Valuable

Small business valuations are essential not only for companies that are trying to not only determine their overall value, but for maintaining pertinent financial information, as well. Small business valuations are influenced by the need for a determination of value, but the value isn’t necessaril...Read More

How a Business Valuation Can Help Your Client Make a Smart Investment

Whether you’re facilitating an individual’s first ever business acquisition or working with a seasoned entrepreneur, there is always a common bottom line when it comes to investing in a business—making a smart decision that yields a return on investment. When your clients look to you for a...Read More

6 Tips for Getting an Accurate Business Valuation

Determining the value of one’s company is an important aspect for any business. In order for you to get an accurate business valuation analysis, there are a few aspects to consider. Consult a Business Valuation Firm An experienced business valuation firm can work with you throughout every s...Read More

Intangible Assets: What They Are and How They Can Add Value to Your Business

Contrary to popular belief, not all assets are tangible or even capable of bringing in revenue. These things are called intangible assets, and though you can’t see them, they’re still essential to your business. However, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to understand at first. These assets...Read More

Coin Laundries Pack a Value Punch

Darren Mize, ASA / October 14, 2020 While small and simple, these businesses pack a “value” punch averaging 3.36 x SDE. Why the high multiples? Recession proof: even in a down economy, people need clean clothesRequires one employee: the ownerMinimal management: emptying coin slots and...Read More

Determining the Credibility of Market Comps

Darren Mize, ASA and Doug Teten / September 15, 2020 So how do you determine the credibility of data when using a comparable sales database? At GCF our appraisers like to analyze comps using what's called the R-Squared Method and we decided to apply that method against some of our own PeerComps ...Read More